Friday, October 16, 2009


Good morning, everyone! Welcome to a blessed day! I awoke with pizza on the brain. I spent last Tuesday evening with my kids and grandkids and we ordered pizza. Any time you order pizza (by phone or in person at a restaurant) there's always that ongoing debate about which kind(s) to get. Pepperoni. Sausage. Mushroom. Beef and onion. The works. And as many people as you involve the process, that's how many answers you'll get.

Readers of FOOLS RUSH IN will remember that the pizzas at Parma John's restaurant are all named after Dean Martin songs. There’s the Mambo Italiano special (spicy sausage pizza), the Pennies from Heaven special (meatball pizza), the Simpatico Special (half pepperoni/half Canadian bacon pizza), the South of the Border Special (taco-style pizza) and the Volare Special (lowfat cheese pizza). In the end, one of the characters in the story names a new pizza the Bamboozled Special (BBQ pizza.)

There's also a strong Frank Sinatra theme in the book. Aunt Rosa insists Ol' Blue Eyes is the better singer. Uncle Laz insists Dino is the real deal. The feuding between Rosa and Laz goes on and on and on. :)

So, let's hear from you, (starting from scratch). Which Dino or Sinatra song title would you use to name a pizza. . .and why? The person with the most creative title/type of pizza will win a copy of my non-fiction book, "199 Reasons to be Thankful," which releases in a few weeks. Winner(s) will be named on Monday, and there's no limit as to how many ideas/titles you can enter!

Let's talk pizza!


Mindy Obenhaus said...

Oh, this is fun. How about the My Way Special--Build your own pizza.

Edwina said...

What a fun contest! How many can we enter? LOL! I'll start with 2:

1) Blue Hawaii - Ham & Pineapple with a Bleu Cheese/garlic/and brown sugar sauce

2) Christmas Song - gingerbread crust, chocolate sauce and seasonal fruit topped with roasted chestnuts, of course!

Nora said...

I did enjoy that part in the book the pizza cook off. It was great fun. My husband is the chef at our house. I'll have to talk to him about his pizza creativity. He might now want to share secrets!! Ha! Ha! You know how chef's are??

Anyway just wanted to encourage you Janice. I enjoyed your book. Thanks for the opportunity to read it. I look forward to the next installment.


Nora St.Laurent
Finding Hope Through Fiction

Janice Thompson said...

You are all so sweet! Mindy, what a fabulous idea! And Edwina, I never thought about Blue Hawaii as a tropical pizza. Wish I'd included that in the book. (I might have to steal these, actually.) Nora, Fools Rush In is up for book of the month for December for ACFW. :) Hope it's chosen. Then we can ALL talk pizza together!

Mindy Obenhaus said...

It would be more fun if we could all EAT pizza together :-)

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

This is a fun contest... I just joined the group so I haven't read your book about pizza's but I think I would love it. My favorite song by Frank Sinatra is "Come Fly With Me" and it's about taking a trip to a sunny destination so maybe a pizza that is really tropical... a dessert pizza... pineapple, coconut, bananas... with a sweet stream of caramel sauce and icing sugar all on top of a thin pizza crust. Each piece served with an umbrella with wings!

Kathy Carlton Willis said...

So many ideas!
"All the Way" or "All or Nothing at All" would be a great name for a supreme pizza w/ sausage, hamburger, Canadian bacon, bacon, roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes and rings of purple onion.

"Cherry Pies Ought to be You" would be great for a dessert pizza with a cream cheese "sauce" and dark cherries.

"Dig Down Deep" would be a great deep dish pizza name.

Pam Meyers said...

Isn't Blue Hawaii an Elvis song and movie?

Stacey said...

How about a "That's Amore" Pizza - Valentine's special - heart-shaped pepperoni...

Janice Thompson said...

Ladies, I loved ALL of your ideas, but I think (when all is said and done) I'm going to choose Mindy's "My Way" pizza. It's so simple, and yet it somehow eluded me when I wrote the book! Mindy, if you will email me your address, I'll drop a copy of "199 Reasons to be Thankful" in the mail as soon as my author copies arrive (later this week). You're all SO awesome!